Born in the heart of Sicily to light up the world



A lamps collection inspirated to the beauty of the local area 

The Lamps Collection project is in homage to the County of Modica, place where Tecnart is born. The handcrafted glass lamps design focus, realized with a new artistic technique, is based on architecture of the city and on those elements that characterize them.


Handcrafted thanks to an innovative artistic technique

The lamps are handcrafted thanks to an innovative artistic technique that is focused on the knowledge of the material, the glass. From the design of the texture to the manipulation of the material, the processing is long and requires extreme attention. Each step is really important for the success of the project.



Each one is a unique piece, each one is witness to an unrepeatable story

Each lamp of Lamps Collection by Tecnart is unique and unrepeatable, is an artistic work that comes from the study and passion for working with glass. It’s an open book where, through the creation of a unique work, the story of a unique place is told. Each piece of the collection is accompanied by a certificate of uniqueness.



The reuse is the principle that light up the magic of our lamps

The principle of the reuse of objects and materials with humble soul, is an exciting challenge for us. To ennoble a piece of glass weaving on its surface a story that turns the spotlights on a territory rich of culture, is like to write a book departing from a white paper, a pen and an idea.





Modica the muse

The history of the County can be summed up with one keyword: STRATIFICATION, seen in the context of the architectural style, in the geography and geology of this area, in the traditions that are still handed down today, in the food and in the ways to do of the inhabitants of this land.

STRATIFICATION refers, mainly, to the different dominations that enriched Modica: Phoenicians, Greeks, Byzantines, Normans, Arabs, Spanish are just some of the different peoples of the world that have colonized this land over the centuries. Everyone has inherited a great artistic and cultural heritage, churches, palaces, institutes, streets, districts, but also popular festivals and culinary delicacies.

The design of the decorations of the Lamps Collection by Tecnart table lamps started from this concept: a focused search of decorating elements of Modica’s architecture, these then extrapolated, revisited, synthetized and remodelled to obtain a unique texture to tell about this wonderful city.

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